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Thursday, December 25, 2008

...So This Is Christmas, And What Have You Done?

I'm taking a few minutes to sit down and relax a bit before the next round of things to do. Yes, while I do love Christmas, there is a certain amount of running around associated with it that comes with the territory. Like many, I have really three sets of own, my wife's and my side of the family...and that requires a certain about of moving around. No bother, as I think of the alternative: having NO family to be around during the holidays.

Anyway, you know your kids are getting older when you get up before they do on Christmas day.

I think that the girls liked the presents I got them this year. By way of explanation, my wife and I usually shop separately; she is good at clothes and fashion stuff, I'm more the technology guy. I also get the "big" gift for each of them every year. This year, Katrina and Rebecca got Ipod Nanos and Korin got a 10mp Sony digital camera. Those gifts had actually been purchased quite a bit ago. I also get them gift cards to stores that the frequent (Katrina = Lane Bryant, Korin = Victoria's Secret, Rebecca = Kohls), mainly because I'm incapable of buying clothes for them and besides, it gives them something to spend the big day after Christmas.

Speaking of the big day after Christmas, I will be working. As I may have mentioned before, that was by choice. I can get a lot done and there usually aren't a lot of people in the office. For example, I have 24 hours of Continuing Education to get in by mid-January, so I had better get to it.

Well, I think I will do some cleaning up.

Merry Christmas!!

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