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Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Is...

...supposedly going to get bad. Never the less, it's "off to do the training" for yours truly. Actually it hasn't started to snow here, but it should start any moment now. Since there isn't any school today (it was called off in anticipation of the bad weather), I'm going to take my wife's car, which is an all-wheel drive Saturn Vue. The Saturn is stellar in bad weather, and I'm glad we got it. Note that the term "wife's car" isn't completely accurate, as I actually put the money down and make part of the payments, but it was still a good choice on her part. At the moment I'm just waiting for it to warm up so that I can head over the to the office.

Speaking of the office, my scheduled is fairly light today: I am doing some room coordination (namely that someone is actually training a class from another site but presenting in other locations, including Scranton, so I just have to be the "trainer in the room" here), which allows me to get some other work done as well. That's good, as I've got a few things to get finished before I can call it a year.

Well, I suppose I shouldn't postpone the inevitable and get my butt in gear.

Here's to snowy winter days, over-weight house cats and other such things that just naturally occur.

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