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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In The "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department

Two quick-but-true stories that involve recent observations on my part.

The Collapsed Lung
I was at a wedding reception, and happened to be at a table with a few other folks that I didn't know. Anyway, one of those seated at the table was talking about how her parents/significant other couldn't see her smoking because she just had a collapsed lung a few months ago. Of course in a few minutes she was outside...smoking.

The Cancer Recovery (for now at least)
At another event, as I was leaving, I happened to see someone that I knew had just gone through a nearly year-long battle with a very difficult to treat form of cancer. I won't mention the type, but it' something that, apparently, isn't readily cured. Anyway, this person actually was basically cured, after months and months of treatment at a prestigious medical center that no-doubt cost his insurance company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sure enough I saw this guy smoking like a fiend.

Now I know we all have our own bad habits to break...I know I do...but come on, smoking after a collapsed lung and extended cancer treatment? That's beyond just's bordering on surreal. Let me be frank: if your survive a collapsed lung...if you survive are certainly being given a gift...the kind of gift that others with in similar predicaments don't always receive. WHY SIMPLY PISS THAT GIFT AWAY? How in the name of God could smoking be that worth it????

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