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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, Monday

"Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning, of what was to be"
(Monday, Monday - John Phillips)

Got to love Mondays. Well this one isn't too bad for me, as I'm off, although I'll probably plug in the work laptop some time today and get some work done. Speaking of work, I'm hoping to spend at least this morning cleaning up around here. To be blunt, I don't live with the tidiest of people. Yeah, as one of the parents, I'm partially to blame there, but I don't want to get started down that path.

On a completely different topic, I slept ok last night...not spectacular, but ok. I did have some strange dreams, involving the school construction happening by my house in ways that I can't really recall. That's not such a bad thing when you think about it: at least for me, some of the dreams I have are so strange that I'm far better off not remembering the details. I got up this morning at 6am, which is about normal. Clearly, my sleeping habits are not as well developed as, say, Buttons the Cat (see above picture).

Well I had better start to work on the day (off).

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