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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Night

It's another Saturday night and I'm at home, in front of the computer, creatively finding ways to not do anything else. I think the technical term is "Creative Loafing". Anyway, I had every intention of setting up the Christmas tree, but alas, I lost the motivation, so I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. Not a big deal actually, as the weather tomorrow is supposed to be crappy anyway. Yes, this is the exciting life I lead: Saturday night decisions that consist of "should I clean" or "should I type mindless stuff into my blog"? Somehow I don't think remarkably successful and popular people face choices like this.

Oh, in my defense, I am playing "driving parent" this evening, as I need to pick up Korin at the mall in an hour or so. I know, that's a fairly lame defense.

In the good news department, I have a few days off next week...Monday and Tuesday specifically. More time to creatively loaf I suppose.

You know, sometimes I think I go between these extremes of getting a lot of stuff done and then getting nothing done. For example, I could be re-wiring the basement. I could also be fixing plaster, concealing telephone wires upstairs or any number of activities. Now am I? Nope. Perhaps one day I will look back and think to myself "you had all that time and you did nothing with it". Who knows.

Here's to "Creative Loafing".

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