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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Road Apples, #6

Just a few random thoughts running through my head:

In The "Screw In Your Head" Department - Everything seems to be set for my dental implant work to begin next week. The whole process will take months to complete, with the first part being the removal of an old root-canaled tooth with a broken root. Gee, why does this not excite me? Along with the removal I'll have my upper jaw augmented so that it can hold a titanium screw installed in a few months (after the other stuff heals). Just to add insult to injury, I'm paying for this myself. The joy of it all...

Funeral - I attended the funeral service for the late mother of someone who reports to me at work. It was definitely interesting, as it conducted in an Orthodox church. It wasn't as long as I expected (about an hour) and virtually everything was sung. There weren't many people there, but it was important for me to attend. When my father passed away a few years ago, the church was empty except for immediate family in two rows...and...the four people I work with in the back of the church. That really, truly touched me, and I am not easily "touched". Making it even more impressive was the fact that there was a blizzard happening during the service (we actually had to delay the cemetery service).

Recovery - The sister of a very dear friend is recovering from surgery. All my best to her for a speedy recovery.

The Auto Industry Begs For Money, Part Deux
- The heads of the three American car makers submitted plans to Congress yesterday and have begun their trek to Washington DC for a second round of begging. Now I'm not unsympathetic to the workers of those companies, but let's face fact: all of the parties involved (union to executives) lived fat off the hog for far too long in the domestic auto business. While I agree that the unions have gotten too much over the years (the infamous Job Bank program), the executive suits got even more...these were CEOs who were getting millions of dollars while doing horrible jobs managing their businesses. No one will win in this one...the best we can hope for is a break even.

Real Estate News - My brother is going to buy my uncle's house, which I think is very good news. The place needs some work, but it's a nice space and my brother is a hard-working guy. I'm glad to see him getting ahead. I, on the other hand, have no interest in any real estate. In fact, I'd long term like to sell the house I currently live in. I will be needing less space, not more.

On The Work Front - The year-end review and next year planning cycle begins next Monday, which means a trek to Hartford. I really don't mind that too much...the better you plan, the better you execute. I'm just hoping that the weather cooperates. Also, I had an update call with my bosses-bosses-boss (the head of HR) that seemed to go well. I always get nervous with stuff like that, which isn't a bad thing. Being nervous is healthy means that you are concerned and care about what you are doing.

Scranton City Council Passed A Tentative Budget - Short article here. I am very, very wary of politicians in general, and when I hear of budgets increasing in an environment like this, I am every more wary. Let's run our government like prudent people run their households...when times are tough, spend less, not more. Enough said.

Skunks - The smell of skunk is very heavy in the air outside this morning (I just went outside to warm up the car). I didn't see any dead one's by the house, which is at least quasi-comforting. No doubt that the little critters were into the garbage set outside. People who don't use garbage cans need their heads examined....that or they should be responisble for cleaning up any skunk carcases that arise.

Pittston PA Man Cited For Having A Sign With The "F" Word On His Truck - The sign had something to do with this being America and people needing to speak English. Regardless, I don't know about citing the guy for disorderly conduct, but I think he should be cited for being an "F-ing" moron. Why? Picture this: a mom is driving her six year old daughter to a dance recital and the child sees the sign; "Mommy, what does 'f---ing' mean?". Personally I am all for freedom of expression (obviously), but I do think we need reasonable boundaries in order to have a civilized society...which includes very minor compromises when it comes to how we express ourselves in public venues.

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