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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Road Apples, #6

Just a few random thoughts:

Next Week I am off to Hartford for three days of meetings. These things happen four times a year. The worst part is the drive...nothing like a three hour drive in the winter. I'm ok with the informational content of the meetings, but I'm uncomfortable with some of the social aspects of these things. Nothing against my co-workers, but I'm just really not into the whole hanging out thing. My idea of fun is an hour at the gym and then watching a DVD on my laptop in the hotel room.

My Mouth is sore, but healing. The stitches feel funny too, although I don't know that "funny" is how they will feel once they are taken out next week. Ouch.

Crappy Weather is forecast for the next two days. Now I work fairly close to home, so my commute is never really a problem. This time around my only real worry is that Katrina can get home from Kutztown on Friday without a hitch after her last final. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Illinois Governor "Blago" got caught effectively trying to sell President Elect Obama's senate seat. I'm sure that the right-wing talk-show hosts are having a field day with this. Hmmmm...maybe they should check page three, you know, where it says that Republican Senator Larry Craig's motion to dismiss charges that he engaged in bathroom sexual solicitation was denied. Graft, creepiness and general all-around sleazery doesn't reside in just one political party. Anyway, the real interesting stuff on this case has yet to come out, namely who was vying for this seat. Plenty of talk abounds that the son of Jesse Jackson may be implicated...which I hope isn't actually the case.

Full Tilt Boogie is the coolest name ever for a band. For the record, it was the backing band for Janis Joplin in 1970. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose". Rest in Peace Janis.

The Weather stinks today. Freezing rain...rain...more freezing rain...snow. Hmmmmm, it's probably 75 and sunny in Hawaii.

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