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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Nite In Slumber Hell

I slept horribly last night, simply horribly. I don't think there was anything physically wrong with me, other than a slightly stuffed nose (which I think comes from the heating system inside), but instead the problem was more mental than anything else. I just couldn't shut my mind down enough to get to the point where I could fall into a deep sleep. Even when I did fall asleep, which I think took something like 40 minutes, I was up probably a half-dozen times throughout the night. I finally gave up at about 6am this morning. I do have something to take that will help me sleep, but I'd prefer not to; maybe nature will take it's own course and I'll be extra tired tonight.

The above is yet another expression of my sheer, utter hatred for sleeping. Gosh, I wish it just wasn't required. Annoying and inefficient are the two words that best describe sleep for me. I know, I've covered this ground before, but what the hell, this is supposed to be where I pour out my thoughts, right?

Something that I've not shared before about sleep is the fact that someone in my family sleeps far too much, along the lines of 10+ hours per night/day. Maybe some of my anger about sleep is really displaced relative to that person, as I see what too much sleeping can do to a person. Very deep indeed.

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