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Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Five Days...

...since I had my #3 molar taken out, and I feel like utter crap. The post-procedure instructions from the Doctor said something about "a few days of discomfort", but this is taking things a bit too far. Five days? Come on now already. Now I know that some of this (well, maybe all of this) is probably in my head, but still, it's getting a little old. The stitches are driving me NUTS. I feel like ripping them out with tweezers. The antibiotic gives me heartburn, so I can't take it on an empty stomach. I made that mistake on Wednesday...oh my Lord was that uncomfortable.

Just how bad is the discomfort? Well today I could feel the pain moving from my empty tooth socket up to the top of my head. Advil helps. but there are only so many of those things I can take at a time. Most times there is just this gnawing feeling in my gums. Now I did to to the doctor on Friday to have them check it out, and according to them, all is well. But damn it, I'm just really tired on this already.

Enough of that, and on to more pleasant thoughts.

Tina Fey

How's that for a pleasant thought? I've seen "30 Rock" a few times, if only to bask in her "Fey-ness". Ok, that sounds creepy, but she has this "really attractive but not super-model therefore approachable" look to her. She's also very funny. Mr Tina Fey is a hell of a lucky guy. Glad that there are some out there.

Back to news of the unpleasant variety. I have three days of meetings in Hartford CT this week, which actually translates in to several things:

1. It will be virtually impossible to eat right (not that I've done a good job at it anyway of late).
2. I have to engage in small talk and be "on" for something like 16 hours a day.
3. I have to be friendly to people who probably otherwise wouldn't even attend my funeral.
4. I will have to eat uncomfortably late each evening. That screws all sorts of things up.

I'm probably going to be unable to do any real writing, as I'm only bringing my work laptop with me and I doubt I'll be able to access this site or anything else I like to frequent. That's a bummer. Often times this kind of stuff really does help me settle my head, if only just a little bit. Oh well, I could aways write and paste it here (although I did try that once and it wouldn't take for some reason).

Well I have a shirt to iron and a few other things to take care of before I make an early night of it. I have to be at the office tomorrow at 5:30am to catch the "Hartford Express". Luck me.

[Clearing my mind of everything except Tina Fey]

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