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Friday, December 19, 2008

...And The Weather Inside Is...

Back again, sitting here trying to accomplish several things all at once:

1. Not sucking up too much bandwidth - Two girls on-line means that my DSL is now down to a crawl
2. Waiting for dinner to digest - I shouldn't have had so much
3. Waiting for laundry to dry - As if I actually want to fold, mind you

Anyway, taking a few minutes to write doesn't use up much bandwidth, keeps me from eating more, and kills time while clothes dry, so why not?

In the weather department, the first big storm of the winter is over with, and we probably got over 6". I ran the snow blower pretty much as soon as the storm ended, so that's all done. Now it's just cold outside, and my girls are, at times, at each other's throats, maybe due to the close proximity. Anyway, it's over with...the storm that least until Sunday morning when more is expected. They are also calling for more wet weather (exact type, rain/sleet vs snow still to be determined).

Ah, the joys of winter.

Speaking of laundry, I'm weird (I guess) in that I don't like other people to wash my clothes. I have a certain way I like things done, and it kind of creeps me out to think that other people are touching stuff that I wear. Hmmm, strange enough? I can think of far worse in my life, trust me.

Well, it's off to check the clothes and hopefully get load one of three folded.

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