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Saturday, December 27, 2008

...And So That Was Christmas...

Well another Christmas has come and gone, and another new year approaches. Damn, that sounded very philosophical. Anyway, yesterday was actually a working day for me, so I was in the office from about 8:30am until about 4:30pm. I did sneak away to Arby's for lunch though, as our cafeteria at work is being remodeled, so the food currently consists of "all things fried...and pizza". It was a productive day never the less, as I cleaned out some old files and got some reports ready for the new year. It was also nearly my part of the building there may have been a total of six people working, and I was the last to leave. Other parts of our building had more folks working, mainly because there are areas that involve customer contact work, so they have to keep a certain minimum staffing level at all times.

As for the rest of the holiday season, I'm off except for New Year's Eve...yet another day that I usually work, mainly because it's so quiet that I can get a lot done. Then comes the new year, and the whole thing starts all over again.

Today I'm probably going to head to the Eddie Bauer outlet in Wilkes-Barre to burn up the $60 if gift cards I got from my mother and brother Rich. It was very kid of them to get me the cards, as I really love Eddie Bauer. Kind of strange in a way, in that I'm not the kind of person would normally be loyal to a store (generally speaking I think over-consumption is evil), but as I've written before, I just love the place. There is something to be said for well-fitting cloths in Earth-tones.

In the "Now For Something Completely Different" department, my oldest daughter joined me in video-recording a duet to Steely Dan's "My Old School". Yes, me singing, on video no less. I have a horribly wretched voice, but damn that was so much fun. It really is something I will treasure. For the benefit of preventing noise and visual pollution I'm not going to post that, but I will post the original.

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