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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Road Apples, #65

Politics, Scranton Style...There has long been an anti-Chris Doherty message board (and a message board against the anti-Doherty message board...I know, that is confusing), but now there is an "Impeach Janet Evans" Facebook group. Having read the wall postings, I'd say that Mrs Evans is getting off relatively easy compared to the Internet pasting regularly dished onto Mayor Doherty. Oh, and no, the Mayor isn't a member...yet.

In the Rush is (usually) Wrong Department...Apparently the Gulf of Mexico is having trouble absorbing the massive BP oil spill. Hmmmmm, maybe noted environmental scientist Rush Limbaugh was wrong when he said (and I quote) "...The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there" (reference HERE). In case you are curious, estimates are that upwards of 25,000 barrels of oil a day are spewing into the Gulf. For opposed to Limbaugh...information on the oil spill, you can click HERE.

Al & Tipper Gore Divorce...It was widely reported this afternoon that the Gores will be getting a divorce. While I'm sure some will have a field day with this, all I'll note is that I hope this is the best for both of them. I do want to note though that the divorce papers were not served while one of them was in the hospital receiving cancer treatments
*. That's one small victory for family values.

Doctor's Appointment...In news of the more mundane kind, I had a check-up today and it seems that I will be blogging for a while to come. No big problems detected, and my blood pressure is at a manageable level. Here's to the joys of clean/boring living I suppose.

Israel vs Gaza vs Turkey...I have mixed feelings about this whole mess in the middle east. The "starving out" of Gaza residents via blockade is clearly wrong, yet the moral outrage of Arab countries seems to wane when Israeli citizens are on the receiving end of rocket attacks from Gaza (and there are no rocket factories in Gaza, so the materials are coming from somewhere else). The whole mess is what happens when you have extremists of both sides of an issue running the show. It's time for moderate Arab states to...

...acknowledge that Israel is not going to simply disappear off the map
...start taking an active role in encouraging peace in the region
...publicly take a stand against nut-jobs like the Iranian president (who would probably make Dr Goebbels blush with his rhetoric).

It's time for Israel to...

...end the illegal blockade
...stop the settlement craze that is nothing more than invasion via bulldozer

It's also time for the United States to stop being Israel's world apologist. I think it was Bob Dole who once commented that Washington DC was the "real occupied territory".

Dumore Borough apparently considering adding the court system to their arsenal of financial tools, right next to "begging" and "ignoring the problem". Maybe bankruptcy will prove a little more effective. Regardless, the bills are coming due and the checkbook is empty. No word from "Mayor Nibs", who has managed to remain remarkably stealthy throughout the 10+ year fiscal pickle that Scranton's neighbor has faced. In news that will make some residents happy though, rumor has it that Dunmore's garbage-gas fueled anti-heroin deflector shield is still fully functional, quietly protecting the populace from all manner of drug addicts (hence no need for any of those silly treatment centers).

*) If you don't get the sarcastic reference, just google "Gingrich Divorce".

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