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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Apples, #66

Scranton City Council President Janet Evans...was quoted in the Scranton Times this week as saying "I'm all for regionalization, but..." in response to a regional planning commission report. For the record, anytime a statement is made that has the qualifier "but" then I'm suspect. It's like saying "the Holocaust was a human tragedy, but...", or "I don't sleep around, but...", or "I'm against discrimination on the basis of race, but...". Note these are just silly examples (and Mrs Evans is not an anti-Semite, does not sleep around, and is not a racist) but I just wanted to make a point. Speaking of points, the real point is this: if you are for regionalization, then you find a way to make it happen instead of creating excuses. The "but" thing has been used for decades in this area. Man-up on the issue Mrs Evans. Article link HERE.

Lake Scranton...Just about every Sunday afternoon I take a walk around Lake Scranton, regardless of the weather, time of the year, etc. It's a real treasure for the area, and if you've never been there I strongly encourage you to visit. No rides, no concession stands, and (sadly) no bathrooms...just 3.5 miles of paved trail around a lake. For me, the benefits are two fold: I get an hour of walking and it really does help me clear my head. Normally I bring my Sony DSC-H7 with me, but the battery was low so I didn't. Of course today I also got within about 5 meet of a deer. Oh well. One of these days I am going to research the history of the lake.

Contradictions...Republicans are against big government, but many are saying that the Obama Administration is not doing enough to deal with the spill in the Gulf. Kenneth the Page the Governor is upset that the Coast Guard stopped boats from going out to suck up oil, but the boats did not meet safety requirements (and if there was a problem on the water with one of the boats, who would Bobby/Kenneth blame for lax safety enforcement?). Republicans are for the working people, yet one prominent Republican lawmaker from Texas called the Obama administrations insistence that BP pay for it's mess via a dedicated fund a "shakedown" (note that if this I caused a problem I would be expected to fix it). I know that the Democrats are a walking cluster-f*&k, but this has not been a good week for the GOP.

Speaking of the GOP...In California Carly Fiorina is running against for the US Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer. Ms Boxer is too liberal for me, but having followed Ms Fiorina's tenure at HP I can't say she is a viable alternative. Here are two hints:

a) Abject failure of merger
b) Forced out by the Board

If you are going to run as a successful business person, you kind of have to be successful. Being named "one of the 20 worst American CEO's of all time" by Conde Nast Portfolio doesn't exactly give you business street cred.

I am glad that I don't live in California, although this race reminds me of the Barletta/Kanjorski race in that I can't stand either one of those two either.

Kanjorski/Barletta...I might as well continue the above thought. Lou Barletta is a race baiter, pure and simple. He courts white votes by using "great brown horde" scare tactics. He's slightly lighter-skinned, anti-matter version of Al Sharpton. Paul Kanjorski is in bed with the financial services industry he is supposed to be helping to regulate and has a nasty habit of steering public money to family businesses. Given the choice I will vote for Kanjorski, if only because a self-serving, business-as-usual politician is better than a race-baiter (but just barely).

For the record, in this post I have slammed 4 Democrats (Evans, Boxer, Sharpton and Kanjorski), and mocked/slammed 4 Republicans (Kenneth the Governor, Barletta, big-mouthed Texas Rep, and Carly Fiorina). By that count I'd say I'm more fair & balanced that Fox News.

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Tom Borthwick said...

Equally slamming both parties isn't necessarily fair and balanced. One can be better than the other. :o)

Also, you did mock the Republicans, so they got it a little worse anyway!