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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekend That Was

In the summer it's more difficult for me to write anything in the morning, mainly because I try and cut down the time between when I wake up and when I go to work (leaving less time for this sort of thing). I wanted though, purely for selfish reasons, just comment that I am damn glad this past weekend is over with. Yes, I usually am not all that thrilled to see Monday come around, but not this time.

Why? The reasons are many and quasi-stupid, but suffice to say I'm not looking for many repeats. Maybe it's best explained from a budgetary perspective (being a good businessperson): I think we all have these internal budgets for things like personal angst, stress, disrespect, etc. Sometimes you end up accepting less of those negative things than you can handle, so you have a surplus of capacity. Sometimes you get socked by more than you can handle and end up with a deficit. That latter was this past weekend for me. It may sound sick, but I think I need to recharge my mental batteries at work.

For all the negatives about work, for me it has one over-reaching positive: since I think I basically enjoy what I do and since I do it reasonably well there is a certain comfort and confidence associated with being there. It is not all sunshine-smiles-rainbows, but it is fairly predictable in the sense that I know the range of problems that can occur. I also work in what is basically a very respectful work environment, so it's very rare for me to end up feeling as if I've been treated like crap. That does any human system (be it a home, school or work) we always manage to find new and creative ways screw one another at some point in time...but it doesn't happen regularly.

So all the negatives associated with this past weekend are over with. Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone (to borrow a line from the great Lindsay Buckingham). Time to start a new page.

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