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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sports & Athletics

Joe Paterno was in my head as I was reading a few comments about school athletics from a prior post. This reminded me of a great article on the whole Bobby Bowden vs. Joe Paterno "winingest coach" story from last year. You can link to it HERE.

Anyway, the story ends with the following terrific statement:

"While Bowden will undoubtedly insist the academic scandal never be mentioned when his grandkids are in the house, I guarantee you Paterno doesn't care about the record for his grandkids. If Paterno ever wants to impress his grandchildren all he has to do is walk down Curtin Road just past the Forum on his way to Rec Hall. Stop right between the two and point to the building on the left where giant letters spell out "PATERNO LIBRARY". That's a legacy for an old football coach to be proud of."

Having walked past the Paterno Library myself, I completely agree with the sentiment.

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