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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I Don't Have Time For

For no particular reason, a list of things that I don't have time for in my life...
  1. Racists and Homophobes - I have no time for the racist and homophobic swine that crawl under the rocks of our society. That noted, I'd rather deal with someone who comes right out and says "I just hate _________________ (insert "Jews", "Blacks", "Hispanics", "Queers", etc.)" than someone who tries to explain away their actions as somehow being intellectually justified. What matters is the quality of a person's character, not what color their skin is, what (or if) they worship or the kinds of consenting adult relationships they engage in.
  2. Whiners - I believe in the "diaper theory" of life...if something stinks, then change it. Otherwise, sitting there complaining about whatever bothers you solves nothing.
  3. Conspiracy Theories - Look, George W. Bush did not orchestrate the fall of the World Trade Center in order to start a war. Fluoride in drinking water makes kids get fewer cavities and nothing else. The Jews as a group do not control the media, the banking system, or anything else for that matter (well other than the state of Israel). Senator John McCain is a United States citizen, as is President Barack Obama. Putting it all together: simply repeating bull$hit doesn't turn that bull$hit into truth. For added reading on this topic, Google "the big lie".
  4. Lazy People - I don't have time for people who believe that somehow they are owed something for nothing. We are all given talents at birth, and with some hard work and determination, anyone in this country can have a decent life. Yes, I know that life isn't fair, and the world is full of scumbags who will screw you to get ahead. That's life. There is joy and nobility in all hard work...something that I think we forget to teach young people these days. As John Mellencamp once noted in the song "Minutes to Memories", "An honest man's pillow is his peace of mind".
  5. Smoker's Rights - There is no such thing. Does someone have the right to turn their lungs into something that looks like it washed up on an Alabama beach? I guess so, but they don't have a right subject me to it. Smoking sections? A smoking section is about as effective "peeing section" in a swimming pool.
  6. Mindless Consumption - I don't have time for whatever the media says is the next "must have" toy. I'm sorry, but this consumer is not going to be Madison Avenue's Pavlov's Dog. Oh, and "IPad" sounds like a feminine hygiene product ("Ladies, ever have a day when you just don't feel fresh and you need to access the Internet? Well the IPad is for you...").
  7. People Who Don't Read - I know people who don't read...anything. That astounds me. There are entire universes available in the printed word, so why purposefully shut yourself out from experiencing them? Why on Earth deny yourself the experience of reading (for example) "Sonnets from the Portuguese"? That's an example of something which is far more than words on a's sheer beauty.
  8. Fantasy Sports - The functional equivalent of Star Trek/Wars conventions.
  9. Extreme Partisans - I'm sorry, but no political philosophy has exclusive rights to the truth. I especially loathe people who engage in extreme partisanship via sloganeering. For example, solving the problems associated with the energy needs of the United States requires a solution that is a bit more complex than "Drill Baby Drill!". Oh, and just to be fair, the extreme left has it's share of twits too, including those who believe that the tax code should be used for social engineering.
  10. Arrogance - Think you're better than me? Well good for you, and I hope it makes you feel better about yourself. Glad I could help with your self-esteem needs. For the record though, in 500 years we will both be dust.

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