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Saturday, June 19, 2010

NEPArtisan's Posting, Scranton School District

If you have a pulse...if you live in the city of Scranton...if you pay need to take a few minutes to read this posting from Tom over at NEPArtisan:

Committee Vote Intimidation at the Scranton School District

Now to be fair, while this seems very credible it probably should be more thoroughly by the SSD Board. If proven, the individual at the center of the allegation should be fired with cause immediately. No negotiation. No reprimand to the file. No apology.

Why so severe on my part? Three reasons:

First, activity like this follows the cockroach rule...if you see one, there are probably 5 you don't see. In other words, I highly doubt this is an isolated incident.

Second, this activity is really a form of theft against taxpayers. The time spent arm twisting was time that should have been spent at the behest of taxpayers, not the City Democratic Committee.

Third, anything less than the employment death penalty is a signal that there is still tacit approval for this kind of activity.

Crystal clear enough? Let me up the ante and speak directly to Superintendent King:

Mr King, if there is proof that this activity has occurred, then you have a fiduciary responsibility to city taxpayers to immediately terminate the employment of the guilty party. Anything less is an unacceptable insult to those of us who fund the activities of the Scranton School District.


Tom Borthwick said...

Thanks for the shout out, although the material is depressing.

Hopefully things do change. This is very wrong and terrible and indicative of why we need change.

Stephen Albert said...


You are most welcome, as you are performing a real public service. We all know that this kind of thing happens all the time, and it happens because no one bothers to speak up (or, in the case of the Scranton Times, investigate it). Maybe, just maybe, that is about to change.

- Steve