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Monday, June 7, 2010

Road Apples, #66

On the Road Again...I'm in Hartford most of this week, participating in a class on "Strategic Partnering" Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a bi-annual staff meeting. It's a nice break from the routine actually, and it will be nice to just be a participant in something. Oh, and I get paid to do this kind of thing. Now that's a miracle. Long way from the housing project.

Bernie Madoff is Doing Well & is Unapologetic...Story link HERE. For the record, Madoff is to financial crimes as Hitler was to crimes against humanity. This is a really, really bad guy who hurt a lot of folks. Anyway, according to reports from former inmates, Madoff is at the top of the (prison) game and is unapologetic about what he did. According to a story on CNBC, Madoff claims that Hedge Funds just "threw money" at him. Awww, poor Bernie! Anyway, I'm not sure about the whole after-life thing, but if there is a Hell, then there should be a special place there in the greed section for Madoff. in I didn't get much last night. The room temperature was too high, the bed too hard and I just couldn't really clear my head enough to get a fruitful night's sleep. I may need to resort to some "Chemical Willy" (with apologies to HST) in order to help get some sleep tonight. I can do fine with about 5 hours of sleep a night, although given that I am going to this class, I probably should be at my best.

NEPArtisan Comments on Janet Evans...For all those interested in Scranton politics, NEPArtisan has had a great series of articles Council President Janet Evans. Mrs Evans is definitely a polarizing figure in Scranton politics. What I think is the most telling part of the whole story is the fact that Mrs Evans ran so ferociously as a different kind of Scranton politician, which is clearly not the case. The reality here is that Scranton is a political town, and politicians are successful if they reward their friends and build bases of support. The problem is that Mrs Evans has been exceptionally critical of others for doing this sort of thing, yet she is guilty of it herself. I can understand giving positions to your political supporters, but I have a tougher time with blatant hypocrisy.

Pennsylvania's Budget...The incredibly inept, ineffective and bloated Pennsylvania Legislature will not have a budget in place by the June 30th deadline. With a $1.2 billion gap between revenue and expenses, the required tough decisions will not be forthcoming any time soon. Republicans will cry about high taxes and Democrats will cry about spending cuts, and neither will understand that they don't have a lock on the truth. Consensus building isn't a crime; in fact our very Constitution was the product of people working collectively to compromise. I hope I am wrong about the budget, but if I were a gambling man...

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