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Monday, June 7, 2010

Darling of the Conservative Family Values Crowd Gets Married...Again

First, sincere congratulations to Rush Limbaugh and his latest wife. I hope he finds happiness in marriage this time that has apparently escaped him in the past.

I am referring to the fact that conservative commentator, darling of the family-values crowd, and chicken-hawk Rush Limbaugh has gotten married for the 4th time. Story link HERE.

Of course my real comment here is that I find it curious that many, many social conservatives fawn over every word Limbaugh utters. Yet like many who seem to enjoy pointing out the flaws of others, Limbaugh isn't exactly pristine himself (what church does he regularly attend? proven drug abuse? married 4 times). It's test case in propaganda: if you like the message, chances are you will pretty much overlook just about everything related the messenger, even blatant hypocrisy.

To end this, I know that some could say "well you are pointing out flaws yourself", and that would be fair commentary. However I've yet to ever say anything along the lines of "your life style is immoral, unchristian, anti-family values", etc. Hell, as long as you don't make me watch, don't hurt children or small animals or don't invade my property I could care less what you do. I'm pointing a finger at people who point fingers. Seems reasonable to me.

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