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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Andy Palumbo's Blog & Self-Censorship

If you don't read Andy Palumbo's blog, you are really missing out on a nice piece of Internet work. While some of what I would describe as the "look at me" local media (Steve Corbett comes to mind) get a lot of attention, Mr Palumbo manages to always post something interesting with remarkable frequency. His work usually centers around the media or photography, but today he actually ventured into a quasi-issue (read it HERE).

Note that I'm not making light of Mr Palumbo's usual content via the previous sentence. In fact I realize that his employer probably prefers that he steer away from many controversial issues. That's something I can relate to, all be it on a different level. Specifically, when I decided to start writing a blog (actually many years ago, on Yahoo 360), I did it with a few things understood...
  • My employer prohibits me from linking to its official site
  • My employer probably prefers that I not mention it by name
  • My employer prohibits me from engaging outside business activities without prior written approval
  • Since my job requires that I possess certain licenses/registrations, I can't really discuss matters related to specific financial products, securities, etc., as that could appear as being some form of investment advice
Related to the third bullet, if I wanted to con someone into giving me ad revenue to take advantage of the six or so people that visit this site (here is your check for $0.02 Mr Albert) I would need their advance. Oh, and yes, some of my co-workers know about this blog; in fact I suspect that they may be regular visitors #'s 3 & 4 (but not at work, as my employer prohibits employees from reading general interest blogs using company facilities).

None of the above has prevented me from stating opinions, but once in a while I do find myself engaging in some "self-corrective measures" in order to maintain a balance between personal interest and professional obligations. It's a reasonable thing to do, one that allows me to be pig-headed and opinionated but also allows me to continue to pay my bills.

Yes, life is a balancing act, even virtual life.

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