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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Okay, It's Gay Wednesday Too

Occasionally I write stuff as comments on other blogs that I want to capture here. Pasted below is a response to a comment written on the blog of the Rockin Apologist, saved for posterity (or for however long I choose to save it).

You can see the entire exchange HERE (with typos corrected).



Wait a minute my are not snookering me into a debate about whether or not homosexuality is healthy, good, promotes healthy hair growth, etc. That has never been my intent. Nice try though. My point is people shouldn't be subject to blatant discrimination because they are gay. Want a list of all the "dangerous" behaviors that heterosexuals engage in that cause many of the same problems you ascribe to homosexuals? I can do it if you want.

That noted, time to clear up a few points:

First, physical violence and venereal diseases are not the exclusive property of the heterosexual community. For example, AIDS in Africa is spread mainly through heterosexual behavior. VD has been spread through heterosexual conduct since before our great, great, great grandfathers were born.

Second, a straight person referencing "Exodus International" as a valid source is like a gay person referencing "Queer Nation" as a valid source. I think both are equally full of crap. Quote an objective source or quote none at all, otherwise this becomes a silly debate alone the lines of "the Bible is true because the Bible says that it is true".

As for Leviticus, well I throw that one in there for all those who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. For the record, Leviticus doesn't have a disclaimer that says "Warning: this only applies to the ancient Israelite community". I know this because I read it...along with the other first five books of the Bible...word for word in high school religion class. Either you believe the Bible word for word, or you believe that it can be interpreted. If you believe the latter, well then your comment seems reasonable to me. If you believe the former, then I suggest you get ready for prison, as your god (small g on purpose) compels you to stone gay people to death (and in this country that is currently illegal).

Finally, I personally don't get the "being gay is a choice" mantra thrown out there by the Exodus people. I really don't. Want some "straight" (get it, straight as in not gay...) truth? The act of two men kissing disgusts me*...I find it revolting...and I am not alone in that regard. That very point though proves to me that it's NOT a choice for some, as who would choose to do that? Being depressed or suffering from some "mental illness" make you kiss a dude? I'm sorry, but there is NO amount of depression that could ever make me do that. The answer for me is simple: no one would choose it, instead you must be born with that predisposition.

(*) I mean no offense to anyone by that statement. In fact, I am sure that for some gay folks, the idea of a man and a women kissing is equally disgusting.

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Tom Borthwick said...

Wow. I read that exchange. It made me remember all those reasons why religion hampers brain activity.