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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Road Apples, #65

Perfect it has been weather-wise. Not too hot, not too cold, and great light for taking pictures. I posted a few I took walking around Lake Scranton, including two of a fox (or maybe it was a coyote?) that I saw from about 100 feet away. In walking around the lake for years this is the first time I've seen a fox; at first I thought maybe he/she was rabid (since you normally don't see them), but the fact that it ran into the wood shortly after getting wind of me made me think that it was probably okay. Man, the crows were so loud around it...maybe they had nests that they felt were threatened. You can see the pictures on my Facebook profile.

On the Health Front...I continue to slowly recover from my nasty case of strep throat. Man, that one was tough; it was basically non-stop sore throat, and in hindsight I wonder I was able to adequately function. In the "things we should all be thankful for" department, I'm glad that we have modern medicine that can cure such things.

My Oldest Daughter Katrina...continues to somewhat struggle in Egypt. The good news is that she is coming home on Thursday, when I pick her up in Philadelphia. It will be good to have her home for a bit, that is until she heads back to Kutztown for the summer. Even if she disagrees I do think this has been a great experience for her. You can read all you want about what it means to live in a developing nation, but until you see the animals in the street and the kids begging for money it's all just words on a page. Also in the "things we should all be thankful for" department we need to remember just how great it is to live in this country.

In the "Gift for Me" Department...I bought the second edition of the Bloom County complete library on Saturday. I truly miss Bloom County. As I've mentioned here on a few occasions, Bloom County was sheer genius; I'd compare it in part to the work of people like Hunter S. Thompson and Warren Zevon. I know, it sounds a bit strange to compare a comic strip to a gonzo journalist and off-center rock icon, but that's how I see it. All three had this twisted sort of view on the universe, and all three routinely made me both laugh and think. Now to find a decent Bill the Cat tee shirt...

Firefox...Normally I am a ginormous (an actual word, by the way) fan of Firefox, but lately it's been crashing on me quite a bit. Twice today as a matter of fact, both times when dealing with images. Are the Internet gods trying to steer me towards Chrome? I already use that for some light browsing, so maybe I should consider using it as my main browser. For the record, it's my personal opinion that anyone who regularly uses Internet Explorer has rocks in his/her head.

Walmart...Is it me or is there a tattoo requirement for Walmart cashiers? Maybe it's like a prison kind of thing, you know like baggy pants.

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