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Monday, May 24, 2010

In the "I'm Not Sorry I Did It...I'm Sorry I Got Caught" Department...

...we have the Duchess of York, "Fergie", getting caught on camera accepting money for access to Prince Andrew. Video from NBC HERE. Text story HERE.


I vote for "All of the above". Yeah, that's probably right. I do wonder though how many times this has happened before. On one part of the video you see her nervously smoking in the hotel room as she discusses her deal with the reporter. Yupp, really classy.

It is nice though to be somewhat voyeuristic about this, as at least it's not one of our politicians engaged in the act. Wait though, there is a big difference between an American politician and a member of the British Royal Family: our politicians actually do something for a living. You could argue that they do the wrong things or that they don't do enough things, but they do in fact work for a living. Put another way, they reap, but they also sow. Contrast that to the Royals, who reap, (...and reap, and reap, and reap) but who do not sow.

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