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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Gay Tuesday

Actually I wanted to continue a thought from last night, but I couldn't come up with anything to tie this and the other post together, hence "Gay Tuesday".

Anyway, here's the thought: I think that at the heart of the "gay debate" is whether or not people chose to be homosexual. Is it nature or nurture? Offering zero science on my part, I do have what I consider to be a strong theory, backed my own experience: it is nature. I don't think anyone can be "made" gay. Being extremely heterosexual myself, the thought of two men engaging in intimate acts does not excite me in the fact, the opposite happens. Put another way, there is nothing anyone could ever do to make me want to engage in that kind of behavior, as it's strongly against my nature. But wait, if it's against my nature, then is it possible that it could be natural for someone else? My answer is simply yes.

This actually is a key question in the gay marriage debate, as someone would have you believe that this is all about a bunch of mal-adjusted folks who simply have a mental disorder that needs to be cured. When you take that argument away, namely that you assume that people don't always choose to the homosexual, then you are forced to look at the issue differently. At this point it's no longer a case of people behaving badly, but is instead a case of people acting in accordance with their nature. When people are acting in accordance with their nature, do we really think it's right to give them fewer rights than others?

Can some people choose to be gay? Actually (and at the risk of contradicting myself), I think the answer is yes...with a caveat. Some folks seem to be readily comfortable with members of either sex. Then again though for this to happen, you have to be comfortable in an intimate way with someone of the same sex, which means that the whole "nature" point comes up. My oldest daughters hates it when I say it this way, but I think that there is no such thing as either have the capability to be with the same sex or you don't. The fact that you can switch genders doesn't change the fact that you could be homosexual at times. As that great philosopher Andrew "Dice" Clay once said, "You either ____ ____ or you do not ____ ____" (fill in your own blanks).

Bottom line to all of this? It's a tough world out there, even when you have a lot going for you. I say let people live the way they want to live, period.Two consenting adults can do whatever they want in my book, just don't make me watch, listen to or otherwise experience it. No harming children or animals either (both of which go for heterosexuals as well).

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gay homestays said...

of course its nature over nurture..