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Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the Mailbox

I don't get much email in response to this blog, which is actually fine with me. I did, however, recently get a piece of "fan" mail. Here's the salient part:

"...Your writing sucks. Do you even edit your shit? No body cares about you or what you think. Do you know what the word trite means?..."

Sniff, sniff, well I guess I'm just going to stop writing then.

Just kidding.

I do admit to far too many typos. Part of that comes from the fact that I usually write stuff in the morning, before work, when I am fairly rushed. I know, that's not much of an excuse, but it's the best one I've got.

As for what I write being "trite", well that's probably true, at least from one perspective. However the perspective that matters most here is mine, and here I afford myself the luxury of writing about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes what I write is serious, sometimes it's stupid, mostly thought it entertains me.

"Entertains me". Yes, that's the goal here. I'm not out to change the world, I'm not out to change people's minds, and I'm certainly not trying to be profound. No, my target is much more basal: entertain myself. Now if someone else is mildly entertained...or even slightly interested...or even pissed something I've noted, then all the better; "sauce for the goose" if you will.

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