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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Road Apples, #64

Yesterday...was a difficult day. I had taken an Advil PM Sunday night and that meant that I spent a good part of the morning in a quasi-coma state. Yes, one little pill does that to me, despite my rather large frame. In fact I'm pretty intolerant of most medications. Same goes with alcohol (although that was not always the case). Anyway, the day didn't improve an awful lot. Wanting for some motivation, I started a major re-write of some class material that I'm responsible for (it's a class on how to use a particular application called the 'Demand Management System'), which should take me about a week...with complete.

Pollsters...I don't get many pollsters calling the house, but I actually did yesterday. I think he was working for Chuck Volpe, as in addition to questions about ranking the candidates I got one specifically about him. I'm not going to say what I told him, but I will confess this: when asked to rank the senate candidates on a scale of 1 to 100 (where 100 was very positive/favorable) the one I listed at the bottom was Jim Wansacz with a score of 10. Don't get me wrong as I am sure that Mr Wansacz is a decent guy, but if this guy thinks that the per diems are a bad idea, why then accept them all these years? Oh, I forgot, he didn't want to stay in a Red Roof Inn.

Kevin Haggerty....came by the neighborhood yesterday campaigning. As I was re-screening a bedroom window I didn't take much time to listen to him or his helper. Upon meeting him two things came to mind:

1. I could take this guy if I had to* (no offense Mr Keeler)
2. He was moving like he was training for a prize fight

I give the guy credit for working it, that's for sure. He was running and sweating like Rocky. All things considered, it wasn't a negative impression.

(*) Since I have a "Bob Lesh" sign in my yard I was prepared for anything (Mr Lesh is a friend of my family).

Oil Spill...The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is turning out to be a game-changer in many, many ways. Mark my words: this will impact energy policy for decades to come. I'm not anti-oil exploration, but I am a realist when it comes to economic interests, and the oil/gas industry is not the only economic interest at play in this situation. Considering the negative impact that this will have on fishing/shrimping as well as tourism across multiple states, the losses could be staggering. All the more reason, as I've noted before, that asinine sloganeering like Sarah Palin's "Drill Baby Drill!" needs to be removed from the political lexicon for anyone with an IQ above 75.

New Car...I took the new car down an extended highway drive on Sunday and it performed as expected. Great mileage that was much better than what my Cruiser was getting (which, despite its shape, isn't really all that great on gas). You do feel the bumps...the 14" tires don't help...but that's okay, as I'll gladly trade some creature comforts for better mpgs. The best part? The radio. Since it has a USB port, I plugged in about 2 gigs of tunes that ensured that I was never wanting for something to keep my foot tapping. I did have the satellite radio connected, but having a 70 year old in the car with me precluded listening to much Howard Stern.

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