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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I Voted...and Why

Governor - Dan Onorato
While I haven't followed this particular election veyr closely, Onorato seems impressive. He seems to have run a solid, seemingly error-free campaign. I also like the fact that he comes from outside the Harrisburg/Philly axis.

US Senate - Joe Sestak
Arlen Specter had my vote until he launched the the ad disrespecting the military service of Sestak. That kind of desperation is beneath a US Senator. Note that I do think Sestak has run a poor campaign to date; his Specter attack ad ("I wanted to be re-elected") bordered on sleazy. I do hope that whomever gets the nod is able to get their "stuff" together to defeat Pat Toomey, who I view as Santorum-light.

US Congress - Corey O'Brien
I do not think that Corey O'Brien is completely qualified to be a Congressman. However if the choice is between someone who is less than qualified and an ingrained politician who believes that he is entitled to his position in Congress...someone who both bad-mouths the financial services industry (in which I work BTW) while accepting campaign contributions from that same industry...then O'Brien's lack of qualifications suddenly becomes less of an issue.

State Represenative - Bob Lesh

Mr Lesh is one of the few candidates for any office that I have any kind of connection with; in this case he was a good friend of my late father-in-law. That isn't enough to in and of itself to get my vote, but coupled with a solid record on the School Board made this a no-brainer for me.

State Senate - Chris Phillips
I personally like Chris Doherty. He's done a good job as mayor of Scranton (note "good"...not "great") and he's a stand-up guy. All the more reason why I prefer to see him remain as mayor. He needs to finish his work in Scranton.

As for Chuck Volpe, well you can't both be cozy with the government & politicians AND also claim to be an outsider. Sorry Chuck, that just doesn't add up.

Jim Wansacz has used the insane system of reimbursements to buy property in Harrisburg. You can't abuse the system then simultaneously claim to want to reform it.

To be blunt, I will never vote for Joe Corcoran. The old-school, back-room politics that garnered Corcoran the Democratic endorsed status has no place in a modern society.

John Blake? All I know is this: He has been endorsed by Bob Mellow. Given that, why in the hell would I vote for him? That ringing endorsement by The Scranton Times? This is the same Scranton Times that only recently "discovered" that maybe Bob Mellow was potentially using his office for personal gain. Hello?

I like Chris Phillips. He fought the sale of the South Scranton Complex tooth and nail...and he did it respectfully. When all manner of assorted loons would use Scranton City Council meetings to grand-stand and make outrageous claims, Phillips...dressed in a dress shirt and tie...would come to the podium, armed with facts, and speak respectfully against the sale of the Complex. In Scranton, that kind of thing is impressive.

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