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Friday, May 7, 2010

Noted Environmentalist Rush Limbaugh on the Gulf Oil Spill

Select quotes from Rush Limbaugh himself (from his own website, reference HERE) on the oil rig explosion and resulting disaster in the Gulf of Mexico:

"...Remember, this rig blew April 21st, which is one day prior to 'Erf' Day."

"...One oil rig blows up, and it proves that we can't dig, drill, find more oil"

"...The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there"

"...It's natural. It's as natural as the ocean water is."

So what to conclude? Well according to Limbaugh...
  • There is a chance that environmentalists blew up the rig
  • The rig was blown up to prevent more drilling
  • Oil spills are no big deal because there is "natural seepage" all the time anyway
  • We don't need to take extraordinary measures to clean this up
Now unlike Limbaugh, I'm not an environmental expert, but I'm thinking that thousands of barrels of oil (oil that is normally thousands of feet under the sea floor) spilling into an ocean body isn't all that natural. Tell this one to the shrimpers who will be out of work for potentially a very, very long time.

Also, you will pardon me if I just say that the notion that environmentalist did this is a little out there...and that's being kind. I'd put this in the same class as "the Jews control the media". Oh, and what evidence does Limbaugh present to support his hypothesis? The same evidence he usually presents: None. He is basically just making this crap up.

Side note: I love the "coincidence" stuff. The rig blew up near "Erf" Day? Well guess what, I had corn the day before my daughter got a ticket on the turnpike. Coincidence? Hmmmmmm, maybe not.

Limbaugh is sick clown who simply makes crap up in order to sound controversial and keep his audience engaged. He's the Weekly World News for hard-core conservatives.


Tom Borthwick said...

This was a great way for me to start my morning!

Priceless! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Sir Steve!

You may be surprised to learn that you probably listen to Rush more then I do!

I had no idea Rush was saying this! I listen to Andy Wilkow when I am in my office, and generally all the talk shows on Sirius Satelite Radio 144.

In think Steve, it is important to keep in mind most of these guys are entertainers who have found a market. I would love to see Rush in a real debate- not like the "debates" on TV news shows where no one but the host talks, but a real, honest, professional debate.

Father Dave Bechtel

Stephen Albert said...

Father Bechtel...

Actually these days I never listen to Limbaugh. I will read some transcriptions from time to time, but ever since I got Sirius I just don't listen to terrestrial radio all that much (although my station of choice is 100 - Howard Stern).

You are right about Limbaugh being an entertainer, although that's part of the problem here: you know he is doing an act, but many of his listeners don't. I've met a me, I know.

As for Limbaugh in a debate, did you know that his show is heavily screened? Most radio shows are, but Limbaugh's is especially so. I believe that he is also on a delay, just in case a "bad" caller gets through. He could have a credible debate on his show any time he wants...he just chooses not to. Yes, he's good when he has researchers putting stuff in front on him to read and when he can cherry pick people he want to talk to....none of which provide any real credible counter-arguments to what he says.

Basically I think Limbaugh never debates because he knows he would get his clock cleaned by just about anyone else with a modest grip on the facts.

Two other fun Limbaugh facts you may not be aware of Father Bechtel...

Chicken Hawk: despite his knocking certain Democrats as being soft on defense...some of whom actually served in the military (such as John Kerry; Limbaugh has also knocked genuine war-hero John McCain)...Limbaugh dodged the draft himself because of a medical problem...well, if you want to call it that...specifically, he had a boil on his butt. It could have been treated & el Rushbo could have served, but alas he did not.

Mr Family Values...just for kicks, do a Google search and find out which church Mr Family Values attends these days. The typical answer out there from Limbbaugh supporters is that "it doesn't matter, blah blah blah Liberals"...which is code for "He doesn't actually attend any church".

Hypocrite, thy name is Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...
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