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Monday, May 17, 2010

Election (Random) Notes

To Brian Kelly, Steve Johnson & Others
Endorsement by the local "Tea Party" or "I heard about him at the Tea Party" will not help you, and in fact might hurt you. Sure, a small group of folks actively support the Tea Parties, but just as many think they are functional equivalents of Klan meetings & the vast majority of the rest could care less.

(Special) Note to Brian Kelly
Why are you a Democrat?

(Special) Note to Steve Johnson
Playing the hillbilly banjo music in the background of your commercial isn't fact what it brings to mind is the Beverley Hillbillies. What's more, as someone who regularly works with people from New Jersey and Connecticut, I'm constantly battling the image that Pennsylvanians are a bunch of back-water hicks...thanks for proving me wrong.

To John Blake
You actually think that ringing endorsements from Bob Mellow are a good idea? Seriously, what planet are you from? Have you been smoking ginsum weed?

To Jean Craige Pepper
Every time I see one of your signs I think that there is a produce stand up ahead. The non-functional "pickpepper" URL doesn't help.

To Chris Doherty
Having Bill Clinton endorse you is a novelty, and that's about it. Want to impress me? Get endorsed by Baba Booey. Now that's a robo call I'd be glad to get.

To Chuck Volpe
It's hard to campaign as an outsider when you do so much business with local municipalities and the state. People are dumb, but most aren't that stupid. Also, saying that you will not take a salary is somewhat negated as a positive precisely because you got rich from selling insurance to governments.

To Peg Luksik
Being right of Pat Toomey is like being right of Mussolini. In fact, I think that if you are any further right you'd end up actually being left.

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Tom Borthwick said...

This is hilarious! You should replace Borys!