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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They Expect Me To Go To Work When It Snows

Can you believe it? The sheer, utter gall of "the man"!

Actually, to do something I try not to do here, I'm going to complain for a moment. I live with a teacher and I'm really tired of hearing how much easier I have it, because I'm not "on" all the time, or because I don't have to put up with nasty parents. Now I do have the utmost respect for teachers, and I would never claim that my job is easier than that of a teacher, but I will say this: it can be just as difficult, all be it in different ways.

...they actually expect me to go into work when the weather is really bad
...they actually expect me to work during the summer
...I don't have parents to put up with...I have the areas I support at work (I call them "customers")
...I'm not in front of a group of children teaching all day...instead I'm in front of adults, many of which act like children but have a more "creative" vocabulary
...I don't have a principal...I have a Director, his boss (a Vice-President), etc.
...My raise isn't guaranteed....I have to earn it every year, and there have been years when the company didn't give me one

Now do I earn a good living? Yes, I do. But I have absolutely no regrets about how much I earn, as I do work for penny of it, and then some. I'd like to think that I give a lot of myself at work, just like I suspect good teachers do.

Does any of this sound mean? I hope not, but it really does bother me that there is this not-so-subtle implication that I don't have to work as hard for my living as my spouse does. Now please don't mistake any of this for jealousy, as I have no desire to teach children myself, and again, I really, really do have the utmost respect for teachers. But I do ask that the same level of respect be given to me.

Ok, this is delving into areas that are probably too deep and too complex to spout off about on, so I had better count me losses and call this one a day.

It's off to shovel snow (or whatever the hell it's doing out there).

Just got done shoveling out there and taking the garbage out (and changing the cat litter)'s horrible. My car is literally encased in ice. It's going to be an interesting drive to work.

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