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Friday, January 16, 2009

At My Office Desk

What's laying around at my (home) office desk? Here's an inventory...

A Cat...well he's not at the desk, but he's close, within petting distance. Name: Buttons. Occupation: Sleeping.

Magazine Holders...keeping back issues of PC World, a Michigan Bulb Company catalog, a booklet called "Wicked French" (which has unique French phrases for non-French speakers...including such gems as "C'est une chambre pour un nain"...translation: "This room is for a dwarf"), the Complete Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life, a copy of Windows XP Home edition, a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium edition, and a few other things I am too lazy to pull out.

Bill Holder...holding bills. Note to myself: I have to pay bills today. Have I ever mentioned that, with five cell phones, my monthly payments to AT&T are probably akin to the GNP of several African nations?

A Mostly Full Bottle of Diet Pepsi...for taking my vitamins and Prilosec in the morning. Hmmmm good.

Various Open Pieces of Mail...stuff that I have to either file, pitch or decide to send money to (including the Diocese of Scranton Bishop's Annual Appeal; still on the bubble over that one).

A "Dawn of the Dead" DVD...I need to find the case for it.

Mini CD Holder Tower (made of wicker)...I like wicker. This is where I keep software copies, etc.

Altec Lansing Sound System with Subwoofer...that I connect to my laptop. I get outstanding sound on it. The speakers actually are hanging from the top of the desk so as not to take up desk space.

Large Wicker Basket...that I use to throw recycle-able paper into; I then empty this into the paper bin every other week when the city recycles paper products. I find this convenient when I have envelopes, etc that can be recycled.

Staple, Hole-Punch, Paper Clip Holder, Take Dispenser, Large Button Calculator...all sitting on top of the sound-system subwoofer.

Books...Lifetime Encyclopedia Of Letters, Arrogance (by Bernard Goldberg...never read it, but maybe one day I will), Mobey Dick (by Herman Melville...I will read it one day...I swear), Happier (by Tal, Ben-Shahar, PhD...started to read it, but stopped; need to pick it up again), Ideas and Opinions (by Albert Einstein...have read it...good stuff), Religions of America (by Leo Rosten...have read it, many times over), Tilting the Balance (by Harry Turtledover...another in the "will read one day" department), binder with old Performance Appraisals & Compensation Statements, Samsung Blackjack II manual, Yellow Book for Scranton, LL Bean Christmas 2008 catalog (note to self...need to throw that away)

Spinning Dark Red Leather Pencil Holder...I got this at some store for next to nothing. I love it...holds lots of stuff segregated into holders (one for markers, pens, etc.).

Dark Red Wood Charging Station...where I plug my cell phone, bluetooth, etc. Looks good next to the pencil holder.

Pills...Multi-vitamin, vitamin B complex supplement, Prilosec, Advil, Cleocin (an anti-biotic I need to take before I have dental work done).

The Hardware...
...Sony Vaio VGN-N130G; originally set up with 1gb of RAM and Windows XP, I've upgraded it to 2gb and Windows Vista
...Lexmark printer/scanner/fax/copier
...Radio Shack power strip with lots of surge protection
...Westell DSL modem

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