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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Less Elastic

They say that, as you grow older, your skin becomes less elastic, which means that it can stretch less, etc. It's an interesting thought actually, as I think it applies to more than just skin, well at least it applies to me.

Now what does this mean?

Well I find myself less and less willing to go out on a limb at work. I find myself less willing to alter my routine at home. I find myself less willing to try and stretch into new directions in general. It's harder to start big projects, and I have less of a desire to do things that involve a lot of effort. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic here, but it does seem less elastic to me.

Now what to do about this?

Well I suppose I could just accept the fact that, as you I grow older, this is the way it will be. Yes, I can simply say "yup, that's the way it is" and continue to march towards becoming one of those older folks I swore I would never be when I was in my 20's. You know the kind: they always have coffee (well I don't drink coffee, but so I digress) at the same time at the same McDonald's every day, sitting at the same table, talking to their same group of cronies about "damn kids" and the like. I already sense some of the change in that I stopped liking "modern" music sometime after say 1989.

On the other hand, I could actually take the time to ponder whether or not this is an inevitability. Maybe I have a choice. Maybe I can try new things. Maybe I can make big plans and break them up into small, bite-sized chunks.

In the end, I think we always have a choice.

Here's to the choice of more elasticity.

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