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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Road Apples, #9

Israel Invades Gaza
I'm thinking that the "Fallout Boy" crowd probably doesn't care all that much about geo-politics, let alone something as complicated as this. However, what happens there can easily impact us here. My thoughts? In a nutshell, I can't especially blame Israel for wanting to prevent the almost daily rocket attacks launched from Gaza, but on the same token, Israel's hands are not completely clean here either. You simply can't take some one else's land and then expect them to just walk away and say "ok". Like I said, complicated stuff indeed. The real interesting thing here is what isn't really talked about: it was the US that wanted free and fair elections in Gaza, and when we got that wish, what happened? The residents of Gaza elected Hamas. Goes to show you that sometimes when you get what you wish for, you aren't getting what you really need.

Holiday Vacation Is Almost Over
I actually did go into work last night to check voice and emails, and there really wasn't much there to be honest. I am somewhat looking forward to getting back into the swing on things next week. There is a lot I need to do, and I think it screws with my head to be off so much. In fact I really haven't been off that much really, but still, I'm at my worst when I have too much free time on my hands.

Old Pictures
I have a bag of old rolls of film and disposable cameras under my desk in a bag, and I've started to get them developed. The first three came back on from a field trip my oldest daughter (now a third year college student) took in Jr High. The other two were from a trip we as a family took to NYC to see the musical Cats. I'll have to post a few here. It's amazing how much the girls have grown.

Speaking Of College
I have my oldest daughter's tuition payment to make (I still owe about $2700) and some of her books to buy. The tuition is manageable, but the books are astounding. You have to see this stuff to believe it, but she'd had to buy textbooks that cost over $100. That is quite the racket for someone. I understand that instructors have a right to teach from whatever texts they want, but for God's sake, this stuff is out of control.

In The "I Really Hate To Pay For That" Department
My windshield is cracked. Lucky me. It happened about two weeks ago, and the crack has grown faster than the unemployment rate. I need to check the auto policy to see if I have glass coverage. Hopefully I do...probably I don't. Despite my actually having an insurance license, I don't have that much insurance...really just enough to cover the legal requirement. Assuming that my windshield will not be falling out any time soon, I'll need to get that replaced as soon as I know how much Kate's books are going to cost.

In The "Good News" Department
Korin's phone stopped charging, so I took it and the charger up to the AT&T store at the Shoppes. Luckily it was just the charger, and according to the AT&T rep, the replacement was covered under warranty. That's good news, but it's tempered by the fact that I'm paying nearly $300 a month in cellphone bills, so I should get some good coverage.

What's Really Important
The single biggest driver for me as a parent of three daughters is to do things that allow them to grow up to be independent young women. The thought of them being out of college and being dependent on it a boyfriend, spouse or nauseating. Maybe I take this too far, but true independence, and the ability to do/go/be whatever they choose (and have the means to do it) is the most important thing a parent can do in my opinion. They may not always realize this, but I'd like to think of myself as always being more of a "long-term" kind of guy.

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