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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Radical Chic

Note that there is no meaning behind the title "Radical Chic"; it's just a term that I think sounds pretty cool. If I'm not mistaken, it was coined by author Tom Wolfe (of the "Right Stuff" fame).

Anyway, there is nothing radical nor chic going on in my little world at the moment. This was week that seemed to last a month, so I'm doing some catch-up work this morning, things that I probably should have done but was either too tired or lacking in motivation. The motivation thing is a killer: there are just times when I really don't want to do anything. Not many, but some. But never the less, things like laundry can't wait for me to get right in the head, so I've been on that for a while this morning.

Laundry. Here's a quirk for you: I hate it when other people wash my clothes. I just bothers me. I like my clothes folded a certain way, I like a certain detergent, I like liquid fabric softener, I like my freshly laundered clothes to smell a certain way. I know, that sounds almost disturbing, if it were not for the fact that it's really just laundry. Hey, I never claimed to be normal in any way, shape or form though.

Dishes. I did those this morning as well. One of the many hats I wear, along with chief accountant, fixer-of-things, killer-of-crawling-critters, techno-geek, landscaper, sanitary engineer, bathroom cleaner, feeder of cats, disposer of cat feces, etc. Maybe one day I'll get a dishwasher, and then I'll be able to scratch that one thing off my "hats" list.

So this morning will be spent on some catch-up clean-up activities. This afternoon my oldest daughter wants to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for a little birthday party. Note that she is 21 years old. Note also though that she says the pizza is not horrible there, so why not? I've been around a bunch of yelling teenagers and adults all week, so some yelling children will be a nice change of pace. If I'm super motivated today (that rare stage of domestic nirvana that one only rarely achieves without the aid of chemical enhancements) I may even clean out the refrigerator. Wow, that would be something.

Now imagine that: I just described cleaning out the refrigerator in terms that should normally best be left for descriptions involving dreams, an attractive member of the opposite sex and a fine bottle of wine. Alas, cleaning out encrusted food is what I have to look forward to. Well that and Chuck-E-Cheese.

Another thing I need to get cleaning is the office area I have in the house. I have this half of an old Living Room that I use for an office (as I've described before), but it's very disheveled at the moment, as I donated my large TV and entertainment center to my brother Chris (and his new abode). I've been looking for a new media cabinet, but so far I've not seen anything I both want and which is in what a consider a reasonable price-range. All of which leaves me with a folding table that has various types of entertainment gear stacked on it, gear such as an XBox and an XBox 360, DVD player, several games, tons of wires and the like. My guitar is also currently homeless, as it's normal location against the wall is unavailable. Radical chic indeed.

On a final note, I saw something last night while just mindlessly surfing the internet that made me remember my Junior Prom. That's a story in and of itself. Maybe I'll tell that one sometime.

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