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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Completely Random Things...

In browsing blogs the other day I saw a list of completely random facts about the blogger. Seemed kind of cool, akin to those silly MySpace Q&A things. Anyway, since I'm still far too wired up to go to bed, here's a completely random list about all things me.

I don't like odd numbers. If I am setting the volume on a radio or adjusting the width of an Excel column, I never set it to an odd number. I have no clue why.

I think peanut butter is disgusting. Seriously, it is the most vile, putrid, rancid smelling crap that was ever created. I'd rather eat dog feces.

I hate sleeping. I've written about that quite a bit here actually.

I've never owned a "new" car in all my life. The closest I ever came was buying a truck with 17,000 miles on it. The economics of buying used just make so much more sense.

I have an extremely hard time reading fiction. Unlike some of my friends, I simply don't find fiction interesting. I do enjoy reading books about history, science and biographies. In fact, I'm currently reading "My Way", the Frank Sinatra biography.

I am terrible putting names to faces. This is not a good trait to have for someone in my line of work.

I can't do math in my head very well. Mind you, I had 24 credits in college-level math in college, including 5 in Calculus, but for the life of me I have a tough time (for example) adding numbers in my head.

I secretly enjoy reading magazines like "Us" and "People". I find the whole celebrity worship thing to be stupid, but for some reason I like reading short articles about famous people.

I have a mild fear of heights. It seems to be getting worse with old age.

I type faster than most people I know. I can do about 60 wpm if I try.

I am very sensitive to smells. This is one of the reasons why I like cats better than dogs. Cats have no odor about them (outside of the litter box), but dogs are, quite frankly, stinky.

I bless myself whenever I see an ambulance go by with it's flashers on. That's an old habit from high school days. The IHM sisters would be proud.

I am nearly an expert at Beatles trivia. Go ahead, ask me a question.

I hated high school. I was 6'3.5" and 174lbs of walking self-conscious nerd. Gosh I wish I could go back and do it all over again.

I am uncomfortable with small talk, but I enjoy speaking in front of large groups. Kind of strange, I know.

I am uncomfortable talking on the telephone (most of the time). I much rather prefer to talk to someone face-to-face.

I am a quick study when it comes to things like software. I've never encountered anything that I consider overly difficult to use.

I love gadgets. I could not live without my BlackJack II.

My earliest memory is of watching a Superman cartoon. It was on a black-and-white TV set at our old house on Pine Street.

I am fascinated with the VW Beetle. I will own one some day. Maybe once the girls are done with school. Until then I'll have to settle for the plastic model I got (that I have yet to put together).

I can make myself see double. Neat trick, huh? I don't do that when I'm driving though.

When I was 5 or 6 I almost died from a burst appendix. I remember my mother carrying me to Mercy Hospital. I ended up with peritonitis.

I enjoy "first person shooter" video games. I have a few, including Half-Life, Halo and Red Faction.

I enjoy maintaining my computer. I have a Sony Vaio laptop that I've upgraded to Windows Vista, along with adding RAM.

I like taking pictures. I have a Sony digital camera with a 17x zoom.

In spite of what some might think, I am a very optimistic person. I try and start every day like it is a new adventure.

My favorite seasons are, in order: Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter. I do enjoy how the seasons change though...once you get tired of the old one, a new one comes around.

I hate dancing. I'd almost rather engage in small-talk.

I am open minded. This is especially true when it comes to concepts like faith and religion. That's not to say though that I think all religions are created equal. Once I think something is a scam, then that opinion never changes.

I love Scranton. I live here by choice, as I could live anywhere else. This is, quite simply, the place. I've lived other places (south central PA, New Jersey), but I've never found a place like this. Scranton as a certain "soul" to it that's hard to describe. It can be both dirty and pretty at the same time. It can be crude and enlightened. It embodies the best and worst in America today. Big Pussy from the Sopranos would have never said "Boston is like Wilkes-Barre, but with clams"; Edith Bunker's family couldn't have come from Dunmore; Dunder-Mifflin would never have been based in Allentown.

I'm not sure if I believe in the concept of "God". I am open to the possibility though.

I find a lot of hypocrisy in human institutions. I see this in things like religions, governments, etc.

I think we are all capable of great things. We just need the opportunity.

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