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Friday, January 23, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted since Wednesday. That's a record, for the record.

In my defense, I've been tied up with a number of things at work which are requiring me to work until fairly late in the evening...11-11:30ish. That in turn means that I put other stuff off until the following morning, which means that I have less time for other things. Amazingly circular.

Anyway, this has been an incredibly busy three days at work. In fact, Wednesday and Thursday feel like they were a week long. Thank God it's almost over.

Another victim of the week has been my attempt to eat better and exercise every day. Failed on both counts. I've been getting up at work by 8:15am...working non-stop until about 5:15pm...eating dinner and then firing up the laptop and working until about 11pm ish. Not a lot of time for doing the right thing in there.

Gosh, I suck sometimes.

Okay, I need to "buck up" and get back on track.

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