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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visions Of The Past

Didn't things like this happen with Dan Flood...and Joe McDade...and maybe a few others?

The fat lady is starting to warm up
(she may not be singing yet, but soon...very soon...)

It seems like the Feds are going after the Bob Mellow alleged "pay myself rent" scam, as opposed to the...

...write $100,000+ in checks out to "cash" scam
...sit on Boards of organizations I have a hand in regulating scam

...but who knows. Innocent until proven guilty. Wait though, there isn't a question of guilt or innocence in the above two scams, as the Senator has unabashedly said he has done those things. Yes, Senator Mellow has told us that there is nothing improper with earning money as a Director at BCBS on NEPA while simultaneously writing/voting on legislation that could impact BCBS of NEPA's business. He has also told us that it's okay to write $100,000+ in checks out to "cash" from a campaign account. Donuts are, after all, expensive.

Time will tell.

Speaking of telling, I'm going to tell this now: if and when Senator Mellow either cops a plea or is convicted, I'll immediately start a campaign to have each and every building, auditorium, facility or bench named after Senator Mellow re-named. I'll make an exception for those edifices where the good Senator put up his own money to pay for a project. That will, however, be a mighty short list. You see, the good Senator has been especially good about steering OUR MONEY to projects that ended up having HIS NAME on them.

You know what? I think I can make out that tune the fat lady is about to's "The Times They Are A-Chang'n".

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