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Monday, July 12, 2010

Note From The Fringe

Mel Gibson's latest "scarier than hell" rant was released today on This one tops the last recording. This is not for the faint of heart, so be forewarned before you listen (listen to it HERE). I have never, ever heard someone scream in anger like that in my entire life. Making it even more surreal, if that's even possible, is the fact that Gibson is a conservative Catholic. Somehow I don't think Jesus would approve of calling the mother of your child a "f&^king c^&t".

Lindsay Lohan apparently believes that you can crash your car, be drunk, skip a hearing, probably be in possession of cocaine, violate parole and somehow still be considered "persecuted" when you are sentenced to (most likely) 23 days in jail. In fact, Ms Lohan apparently believes that her human rights have been violated. I think Fox News pretty much nails it in THIS opinion piece.

Sarah Palin wants you to contribute to SarahPAC so that she can support conservative candidates. Funny, but her recent campaign disclosure notes that for while $87,500 was distributed to candidates, almost three times as much money, $210,000 was spent on consultants. Let me be blunt: Sarah Palin is a cry-baby, quitter, dim bulb, political opportunist who is milking her 15 minutes of fame to such an extent that she is nearly redefining the concept of time dilation. There are far better Republican deserving of support out there, including Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. While I don't agree with everything Rep. Ryan advocates for, I at least give him credit for talking about ideas, as opposed to rambling on about non-existent death panels. Don't make my word for this, instead believe the words of Republican Senator...and fellow Alaskan...Lisa Murkowski.

Jesse Jackson, a professional race baiter, is again practicing his trade for all the world to see. Specifically, the Reverend Jackson recently stated that the millionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers treated millionaire LeBron James like a "runaway slave". You can read all about it HERE. Yes, two millionaires have a dispute and Jesse Jackson somehow sees racism at play. Given the 17.4 % unemployment rate facing African American males (BLS table HERE), you would think that the Reverend Jackson would have more pressing issues to address. When last I checked, LeBron James is probably going to make out nicely in his move to Miami, so I'm thinking that the term "slave" probably doesn't apply.

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