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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Gun Control Law: Stupid People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Them

While I generally do support the right of people to bear arms, I think it's reasonable to make an exception for stupid people.

"A Hazleton man was charged with leaving a loaded firearm in a men’s room at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs casino. "

"State police said the firearm, a .45-caliber, had a full magazine with a round in its chamber."

You can read the whole sad tale HERE. Maybe he was afraid that one of Hazelton's many illegals would try and steal his winnings once he returned to Lou's lair.

As a side note, I've heard that it is illegal to bring a firearm into Pennsylvania casino. Given the amount of money flying around at casinos and the extreme security that no doubt already exists in such places, I'm thinking that's not an unreasonable rule.


Tom Borthwick said...

We don't have the freedom to bring guns into federal buildings or casinos, but we can bring them to public parks.

Now, I don't want guns in federal buildings or casinos, but I don't understand how this even makes sense. There is no parity.

Stephen Albert said...

People get caught up in the mistaken notion that a "right" equates to something that has no restrictions. In point of fact there is no such thing as a completely unrestricted right, whether it be free speech, freedom of the press or the right to bear arms. In all of those instances I can point to perfectly valid reasons why the right should be restricted from time to time. Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid gun owners out there.