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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mrs Evans vs. Fr. Pilarz

There has been much discussed over who initiated the quip pro quo linking the University of Scranton's building plans to a contribution in lieu of taxes. NEPArtisan, for example, has been following it quite a bit. Yes, I agree with Tom Borthwick that this is degrading into a "he said, she said" fiasco, but let's look at the players:

Fr. Scott Pilarz
In one corner you have a Priest, Father Scott Pilarz, who is the President of the University of Scranton. You can read his biography HERE. While I personally agree that the University could do much more to help the city financially and in other ways, the basic fact is this: the University is a wildly successful institution (as evidenced by all the property they buy & take off the tax rolls) that appears to be well run.

Council President Janet Evans
In the other corner you have a politician, Mrs Janet Evans, who is the President of Scranton City Council and who is also a teacher currently on disability. I'd link you to a biography of Mrs Evans, but I can't find one on-line. In terms of accomplishments, Mrs Evans has been in city government for a number of years but yet outside of being re-elected, I'm not quite sure what she has accomplished. Yes, it's tough to accomplish anything when you consider yourself to be the political opposition, but that's a dim excuse at best. For example, I could rattle off countless accomplishments by the current opposition party in Congress right now, including several changes to the financial services regulation bill that will soon be voted on by the U.S. Senate.

Given the choice between the priest or the politician, I'm believing the priest.

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