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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Apples, #71

Hiatus...My hiatus is now on hiatus (wow, that almost sounds profound). My intention this past week had been to continue to stay current on events and take the time to jot down a thought or two, but sometimes events have a way of scrambling the best laid plans. In any event, I'm ready to resume more of a routine schedule.

In the "You Could Also Just Get a Job" Department...A Moosic woman who cashed more than $7,000 in bad checks said that she stole because she needed the money to care for her children and pay personal bills. Story link HERE. I'm not unsympathetic to the blight of the poor, but it's time to stop excusing bad behavior. Yes, I know what it's like to need money for kids and to pay bills, but I've never felt compelled to steal.

Stupid Comment...Mark Cour referenced a comment by WILK's Steve Corbett that went something like “What if you’re a blogger sitting in your underwear in your mother’s basement?”. Now on some level I find the comment just stupidly ironic. In fact, I'd compare it to someone who engages in fantasy football calling a bunch of Star Trek fans "nerds". On another level Corbett's comment is almost offensive. Note the word "almost". Is this guy really that threatened by a bunch of local Internet part-timers? How insecure is this guy? Maybe Corbett should stick to what he does best, namely protecting the world from the evil known as the Friendly Sons of St . Patrick.

Justin Bieber...I had occasion to see a video of young Mr Bieber's art (if you want to call it that; "music" seems to be a bit much). Two words come to mind: "Danny Bonaduce". If that doesn't work for you, how about this instead: "Leif Garrett"?

I'm Against the War in Afghanistan...but leaking confidential information that might endanger US troops is just plain wrong. Story link HERE. This just proves my belief that anything with the word "Wiki" in its title is probably a cluster-f&^k.

President Obama appearing on The View
...The show is basically unwatchable. How could 5 women who basically all talk simultaneously be considered entertaining or informative? Maybe for his next interview the President will answer questions from Snooki or The Situation.

Autotune...Driving back from Camelbeach yesterday I agreed to let my youngest daughter listen to Sirius Hits 1 on the radio. That meant about an hour of non-stop Autotune. By the time I got home my ears were nearly bleeding. I do, however, recall at least one creative use for Autotune that I've found to be entertaining:

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