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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why? Oh, and some feedback too...

I will let this comment speak for itself...


Do you realize that on your entire blog there is not
one single comment?

At what point does one realize that their worldview might be muddled and they actually examine other perspectives with something other than a mind that is completely closed?

March 23, 2011 9:37 PM

Now there was a follow-up to comment to this (you can read both comments and the original post HERE), but I'm going to take a moment to respond to JD's thought.  In the true spirit of lazy blogging I've obviously decided to make an entirely new post out of the whole deal, lest I lose the opportunity to put something up that requires basically no effort on my part.

JD's underlying point...that since I don't get many comments obviously my perspective is somehow flawed & I am flawed in and of itself.  Why?  I offer the following proof:  I disagree with virtually everything JD writes in his blog.  Virtually all of it.  I don't comment on it though, mainly because I simply don't want to.  Why argue with someone when I know it will have ZERO impact on them...on me...on anyone? JD can think and write whatever he wants, and while I may not agree, that doesn't make his points any less valid.

To quote the great Denis Leary, "wake up and smell the maple nut crunch!". 

These are BLOGS man!  This isn't intended to be anything other than mindless steams of opinions by mostly rank amateurs who simply like spewing the written word.  Note that I PROUDLY consider myself to be in this class. 

Can this stuff have an impact?  Sure it can! But let's not claim that blogs written by numskulls in Scranton Pennsylvania are somehow important enough to warrant serious debate.  They aren't.  If one of us once in a while says something that spurs a thought, makes an intelligent point, make someone laugh, then great.  Value added.  But let's not somehow claim we are creating anything other than evolved (ooops, sorry, I don't think JD believes in evolution, but that's another point all together) versions of message boards where people would talk about which star is "hot" and how to succeed in Dungeons and Dragons.


At a very basic level I don't care what people think of what I write.  Well, with one exception.  Anyway, I'd be writing this if even if no one other than me was reading it.  That was the case for years when I had a blog via Yahoo that I am absolutely sure virtually no one knew even existed.  I simply don't do this to be "controversial"...I do it because I like to write, and having a URL and something that is in an open environment creates a certain discipline that I would lack otherwise (in other words it was probably a good thing that no one read those Yahoo blog entries).  Don't get it?  Listen to the song "The Guitar Man".

One final point:  while I don't care if 2 or 20 or 200 people read this stuff, I am deeply honored that anyone, including JD, actually makes the time to stop by and see what I am spewing about at any given time.  Something I do to basically entertain myself once in a while entertains someone else, and that's a fine thing indeed.

"...but he never seems to notice he's just got to find another place to play..."


J Curtis said...

Come over to the right side of the political spectrum, the water is fine.

There are things over here like self-control, self-discipline, personal accountability and self-reliance to a certain degree. But once you start putting them into practice, you start wondering why others arent doing the same.

Stephen Albert said...

Right? Left? Seriously, you really mean that everything you believe can be summarized into a five letter box?

Come on man, life isn't that simple. Labels like "right" and "left" were invented by political fund-raisers & media types who pander to stupid people.

J Curtis said...

Labels like "right" and "left" were invented by political fund-raisers & media types who pander to stupid people

More precisely, labels like "right" and "left" have been exploited by political fund-raisers & media types who pander to stupid people.

Doesn't make them incorrect though.

Let's call it conservatism. There. Feel better?