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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recent High Water

I've made a vow to myself to do more relaxing things, such as taking photographs.  To that end I ventured off the road last weekend, just a little, when the Susquehanna was nearing its crest.

The bridge is between Pittston and West Pittston (I "Greater Wilkes-Barre" geography is no where it should be).

The water was moving very fast, although it didn't really smell, which was somewhat unexpected.

The bridge above was a bit further down-stream, with apologies again for my lack of Hayna Gulch geographic knowledge.  Good thing I am receiving something of a tutorial on all things "greater" Wilkes-Barre.

One last parting shot...

What was neat was that in West Pittston (I think) it was relatively easy to get right down to the river.  Having never been this close to a rising river I wasn't sure what I'd see...body parts...old cars...copies of Gov. Corbett's budget...but to my surprise it was just flowing brown water.  Oh, and a lot of mud.

All told, it sounds like the damage this time around was minimal.  This is a truly good thing.

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