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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Road Apples, #93

Japan...My prayers go out the the victims of the multiple tragedies in Japan. 

Nuclear Power...Much wailing and mashing of teeth will commence (and has already commenced) about nuclear power in light of events in Japan.  I understand the concern, but the reality is this:  nuclear power provides about 20% of the total U.S. electrical capacity. isn't going away.  Time to move away from hysteria and on to practical solutions to make the plants safer.  Interesting enough, from what I've read it wasn't the earthquake in Japan that caused the issues at the power plants; rather it was the tsunami.

Don't Know Your History?  Blame the Media...Hey, it works for The Bachmann.  Story link HERE.  Let me lay it on the line:  Republicans should be embarrassed that this twit is considered a serious Presidential candidate for the party.  By the way, aren't people like The Bachmann supposed to be all about "taking personal responsibility"?

Libya...The score is shaping up to be Freedom 2, Despots 1.

Yours Truly...was referred to as a "high church-man" this past weekend.  I believe that this is a compliment; at least that's what I am taking it as...unless told otherwise...I think.  Anyway, related to this I attended my first (ever) Episcopal service recently, and I have to say that I was very impressed.  It was a combination of both the familiar (the Nicene Creed) and the different (a rather ad hoc process for offering the sign of peace).  More not ceasing from exploration in action. 

Political Bullcrap...The Scranton Times is all over the recent county Democratic endorsements.  Now what's the word I'm thinking of?  Hmmmm...oh, yeah, "irrelevant".  There is a larger post residing in this blurb.  More to come.

Speaking of Politics...of the "not bullcrap" variety, I was honored to attend a political campaign event for the Tom Borthwick's Scranton School Board run this past Friday (although I offer apologies for not staying long).  I almost never attend political events, but this young man deserves support. It's time to put someone on the SSB who isn't just another local political hack.

It Surely Will Be Spring I saw several robins on the way to work today. 

Pants Hangers...File this one under "it's the little things in life"...well that or "Get a life dude!".  Anyway, I finally have enough pants hangers & actual space to hang pants.  I know, "big freak'n deal", but hey, I've always wanted to hang all my pants.  I HATE folded pants.  It's hard to tell what kind of pant you have, there are creases in the pant, etc.  Hanging pants is the natural evolution of clothes storage.

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