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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Booze Fest!!!!

7:30am and it has probably already started.

What, you may ask?

Why the drinking associated with the St. Patrick's Day parade in Scranton.  Now to be fair about it all, the drinking at bars actually doesn't start until 9am or so (seriously, you can drive past many bars in Scranton this morning, at 9am, and see people drinking), but I am sure that there are many out there who are "limbering their drinking muscles" at home in preparation for today's festivities.

Yeah, yeah, up the Irish and all that, chased the snakes out of Ireland, etc.  Irish Pride.  I get it.

I guess what I don't get is how any of that equates to...
  1. Drinking alcohol at an insane hour of the morning.
  2. Drinking mid-morning.
  3. Continuing to drink into the afternoon.
  4. Vomiting in gutters.
  5. Brawls outside of bars.
...and the list goes on.  The parade is an excuse for people to drink insane amounts of booze, period. 

As you can tell, I don't view Scranton's St. Patrick's Day Parade as being anything like a "family friendly" event.  Well it is if your family plays games like Beer Pong instead of Monopoly. 

I know that the parade is a bid deal in Scranton, as I understand there will be something like a hundred thousand people in town for it.  Businesses must be very happy.  But when the dust settles, in my humble opinion this event is more a cause for shame than it is pride.

I don't suspect that some folks who read this will agree with my opinion about the parade, but so be it.  Sometimes you gotta call'm like you see'm.

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