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Saturday, March 5, 2011


It appears that one of the long-time local bloggers, Gort, may (emphasis on "may") be returning.  Reference HERE.  If Gort is returning it will be a good thing indeed.

Why?  There simply isn't a lot going on in the local blog-o-sphere, not that I am in position to comment much on this subject, given that I've only had this blog since October of 2008 (although I did have a Yahoo blog for a few years before that, but so I digress). I've seen a few blogs come and go; probably the best abortive idea was the "WILK Watch" blog, where the writer would comment on the various local shows hosted on a local radio station.  Like I said, great idea, although not one I could pull off as it would require actually listening to WILK for extended periods of time.  Sorry, but I just don't have the stomach for that kind of thing.

Anyway, my point in all of this rambling is, again, that there seems to be a lack of local blogging.  There are some folks who write regularly (Mark Cour, Another Monkey & Tom Borthwick's NEPArtisan come to mind), and we have our more-or-less local celebrity blogger (Andy Palumbo's terrific blog), but there doesn't seem to be much else out there.  If I'm wrong and am missing a ton of local bloggers, I'll gladly stand corrected.  I'll note though that I have no idea what would be an appropriate number of bloggers for an area like NEPA.

It does make me wonder why some people start these kinds of endeavors but then simply don't keep going.  Wait, that's wrong actually; I do know need two things to make the blogger thing work:

  1. have to enjoy writing.  Note I didn't say "writing well".
  2. have to be something of an exhibitionist of sorts.  Well that or an attention whore.
To the first point I definitely qualify, as I really enjoy writing.  Am I a writer?  Hell no, I am a person who writes.  Hollis Gillespie is a writer.  I, on the other hand, am something of hack (sorry Ms Rivers), but I am a hack who does enjoy what he does. 

To the second point, well that's an interesting thing to ponder when it comes to yours truly.  I am an extreme introvert, so the written-word exhibitionism is a difficult pill to swallow.  I think as a person I've always needed a creative outlet, and since I can't paint, draw, sing, or play any musical instruments, this has to suffice.  I have also found this to be something of a therapeutic outlet for difficult times.  What doesn't matter to me is whether or not anyone really pays attention to this spew.  I'm like the Guitar Man, except for the fact that I've never really had a crowd in the first place.

In my estimation if you don't have both of these drivers, then you simply aren't meant for the world-o-blogging.  Then again consider the source here:  I've readily admitted to being a hack.

Regardless, here's to hoping that Gort has returned.

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