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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clean-Up Time

I actually have this random list of things pinging around in my head, but rather than do the normal thing and write a Road Apple list, I thought I'd be a bit more narrative.  Watch out, this may not be all that pretty (think John Cleese sitting at a desk, naked, saying "now for something completely different").

Note that I'm fighting the urge to start this next paragraph with the word "First".

I've been pretty damn busy lately.  The past few weeks have involved some business travel, and that continues next week.  Next week also involves some personal travel as well, but more on that later.  Coupled with the travel I actually have other things to do, and who would have ever thought that?  Well more correctly, if I go back a few months I never would have thought that, but so I digress.  Anyway, I actually ,from time to time, have "like" some social things to do (I just like to say "like" because it makes me feel "like" I am younger). And who says we are not still evolving?  Well at least I like to think that I am evolving.  Maybe there is an extra thumb in my future.

The flip side to being relatively busy has been that my room-mate, also known as JeanLuc the Cat, is spending more and more time alone.  I'm worried it will make him even stranger than he already is, which could in fact be somewhat interesting.  JLA's future though does contain someone rather ominous:  his getting "fixed" (note that he is not currently broken).  I have a feeling that JLA's life will be changing rather dramatically once he is "repaired".  That date though is at least two weeks away, as I don't want to do it until I know I will be home for a few weeks straight.  I do need to support the little guy.

One nice thing about JLA is that he isn't especially long-haired, which means far less cat hair flying about and around my abode.  What's worse though is the thought that I probably have cat-litter particles just about everywhere here, as I keep the litter box in the kitchen.  Why the kitchen?  I can't put it in the basement, as my mother (who lives on the side of this double house) has a long-haired cat named Sara, who has made known her disdain for JLA in no uncertain terms.  Litter box location noted, it's important to have a fully functional vacuum cleaner laying around, and since my current years-old Royal bag-less model is currently in the business of shredding belts, I bought myself a small Hoover canister vacuum yesterday.  Being something of a clean-freak (my daughters once got me a Mr Clean doll for Christmas...go figure), I can't wait to see how well it works.  My mother has an Oreck vacuum that can suck the fuzz off a peach, so that's what I'm ultimately shooting for, one day, in my quest to effectively clean.

One final thought:  I was looking through some older postings the other evening, and it does occur to me how much things...and I for that matter...have changed over the past six months.  Better?  Absolutely.  While there are challenges a-plenty (try getting a lawyer to do anything...), all told I am in a far better place now than I have ever been in, least in a very long time.  It's almost frightening in many ways in that part of me is almost afraid that somehow something will happen to make it all come crashing down.  Think "getting struck by asteroid" kind of stuff.  Oh so irrational, but never the less lurking in my skull.  Part of continuing to grow as a person...and I firmly believe that the key to good mental health for everyone at every age is continued personal growth...though lies in always trying to understand how you feel and running those thoughts through something of a reality filter.  Here's to keeping the reality filter unclogged.

Post Script:
I've just spent about an hour and a half cleaning up some old files.  Yes, there has been some real clean-up today.  Mission quasi-accomplished.

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