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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple Approves (then pulls) "Gay Cure" App

There is a bit of an uproar over Apple's recent approval of an IPhone App that is designed to support a "cure" for homosexuality.  You can read about it HERE.  Note that after I began writing this Apple decided to pull the App (story HERE) but being a lazy blogger, I didn't want to lose the content (or the work...).

It is an interesting story on a few levels, and as someone who supports "Gay rights" (or as I like to call it "Human rights") I certainly do have an opinion on the subject, namely I find the whole thing laughable.  I think like-minded supporters of Gay rights should just dismiss this whole thing as a bunch of silly nonsense.

Think about it:  if a developer wants to develop an App that claims "Rainbow Trout are actually space aliens" would anyone take it seriously?  That's about how seriously I take the whole "Gay cure" stuff.  Actually my oldest daughter wrote a great paper on this a few years ago, with the bottom line being that there is zero objective homosexuality can be "cured".  How can you objectively "prove" that someone no longer has these kinds of feelings?  I can be gayer than an Easter Parade and simply say "I'm not" and low and behold, "Cured!".  Sure, I'm certain that there a groups a-plenty that claim all sorts of success rates in getting homosexuals "straight", but I view that with the skepticism it deserves, as such claims are more often than not made by groups in the "gay cure" business.  This is no different than what snake-oil salesmen (even in modern days; see Kevin Trudeau) have been doing for centuries.

There are people in this world who WANT to believe that homosexuality can be cured, as I suspect that it makes them feel better about their own sexuality on some level. OR maybe they genuinely believe this stuff.  Either way, who cares?  I say simply talking about "homosexuality cures" gives the whole subject more credence than  it actually deserves.


J Curtis said...

I don't know if they claim homosexuality can be "cured".

It's a lifelong process. I quit tobacco after a lifetime of use about a year and a half ago and I still crave it most every day.

Anonymous said...

You made the decision to smoke

Stephen Albert said...

Would you smoke, say, the a dead rat? Of course not, because that would so against your nature that you would never think to do such a thing.

Why then is it so difficult to believe that homosexuality is more than just a choice?

J Curtis said...

I agree with one young lady who recently wrote...

"Gays propagate the opinion that they were born this way and have no choice. They say they did not ask for their same-sex attraction. Everyone I know was born with sexual attraction they did not ask for. Should they act on it? Should my husband commit adultery because he has an attraction to another woman? Should my teenager fornicate because she was born with a strong urge to have sex with her boyfriend? Should I have sex with anyone I am attracted to? II Corinthians 10:5 says to "take every thought captive."