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Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Know You're Getting Old When... have to do subtraction in your head to determine your age. Remember back when you younger and you just always knew your age? "I'm 13!". Now it's along the lines of "Well, oh, 2009 from 1965...I'm 45".

...instead of haircuts, you start to think about how you can style your hair so that the receding parts aren't as noticeable? genuinely don't give a rat's a$$, for the most part, about what others think? don't even bother to listen to most Top 40 radio stations?

...the high school you attended doesn't exist any more?

Yes, growing old is certainly grand, grand indeed.


Gort said...

I'm excited because I get to cut the grass today.

My neighbor told me a few years ago "you know you're getting old when your good time is a six pack and a lawnmower."

Stephen Albert said...

That reminds of the really bad joke you hear about getting older: you know you're getting older when you lose hair on your head but you gain it in other places.