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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let Me See...

...what to talk about?

Arlen Specter switching parties?
Nah, too easy at this stage. Besides, I posted a reply on Gort's blog anyway on this topic. I do think this simply further marginalizes the Republican Party, which is a sad, sad thing. This country needs a strong financial watch-dog, but the GOP is turning into a party more interested in fighting against stem cell research (better to flush those embryos than use them to help sick people, don't you know) than ever expanding deficits. Wait a minutes: I guess there was something more to talk about.

Last Night's Scranton City Council Meeting?
Nah, it's not right to mock the mentally retarded. If you think I am joking here, you are mistaken. In Scranton, any city resident has the right to speak, on camera, for five minutes on anything related to city business during city council meetings. As a result, there are several people who actually are mentally retarded who speak week after week. I swear to you it's true. Look I am all for empowering everyone, regardless of mental faculty, but I'm thinking this might take that egalitarian thought a bit too far.

The Fire In Scranton?
Scranton's firemen did their usual great job, and no one was hurt. That's all that matters. Besides, I stopped wanting to be a firemen when I was something like five years old. Wait, that's not true: I never wanted to be a fireman.

I guess I could talk about that, but it's something of a bummer, as in a few minutes I'm going to go there and do nothing but talk about work stuff for the next nine hours or so. On the flip side, it finally looks like our area at work is getting a website. That's at least something to look forward do (as I'm hopefully going to be involved in it's development).

Scranton Mayoral race?
Nah, I have no desire to piss off supporters of either candidate, thank you very much. What's more, I like my garbage un-rooted through.

My Cats?
They are cats: experts at manipulation and really not giving a crap. One has not been feeling too well of late, and he happens to be the one that runs outside all the time. Not a coincidence. No doubt he got is ass kicked by some neighborhood Tom.

Bike Riding?
Well I did get a bike rack for the back of my car; all I need to do now is bring my bike up from storage and get it ready for the riding season. That's about two hours of work, give or take. What I need to do is to check out all the cables, lubricate the chain and the other moving parts, check out the brakes, fill the tires with air, etc. If I am sufficiently motivated maybe I'll do that this evening. I'm still debating the helmet thing by the way: I have one, although I almost never wear it. I probably should. It doens't make a lot of sense to try and eat right, exercise daily but then get turned into a veggie via a roadway splatter. As the Fonz would say, "not cool".

Air Force One's NYC Fly Over?
It was stupid. I think that covers it.

School Ending?
Well Katrina's Spring Semester ends on Friday, so I'm going down Friday afternoon to help move her back home. Ah, summer is on the way I guess.

I have a Twitter account, but I can't say that I've ever "tweeted". I created the account almost a year ago, before it got "cool". It's one of those things though that really works best in wireless Internet via cellphone, and I'm too cheap to spend the $15 on an AT&T data connection.

Tom Cruise?
I don't like his movies and I think the Church of $cientology is a "pay to pray" scheme that makes most other organized religions look amateurish by comparison. I think that about covers it.

Michael Sembello's Song "Maniac"?
For whatever reason that horrid piece of musical pollution is going through my head now. If I had a rusty knife I'd try and pry it out. Good thing I don't have any rusty knives laying around.

Maybe I'll just forget about blogging today.

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